Sunday, November 3, 2013

$250 Holiday Wishlist Giveaway Event Sign Ups

2 winners - first winner will receive $250 from wishlist - second winner $25 wishlist Giveaway will run Nov 7 - Dec 1 

*Winner MUST have valid Wishlist to enter/win *BLOGGER prize $50 Paypal or $50 

Wishlist item - blogger must also have a MPG wishlist to be eligible to win blogger prize 

*Blogger Holiday Specials ~ any blogger who pays $10 or more to join this one HGG giveaway, will get 1 complimentary link in at least 2 of my holiday gift guide giveaways during the month of Nov through early Dec! ~ any cohosts will get 3 complimentary links in at least 4 of my HGG giveaways!

 *fyi: I currently have at least 14 different giveaways just for Nov 1 - Nov 28th set up and have 7 sponsors working out details for more! 

Join here: Sign Up Form

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