Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stay Safe and Protect Yourself with Mace Brand

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As a single mom for many years, I have always worried about protecting myself and my three children. Personal protection is something that all moms and women should aware of. Mace Brand products make me feel safe and secure at all times when I'm carrying them. I like to take Mace Brand Pepper Spray with me when I am walking and riding my bike. I ride my bike often and it makes me feel safer knowing I have protection. Mace Brand Pepper Spray is the perfect solution for safely protecting my family. It's non-lethal and the injury it causes is only temporary. 

If you are new to using Pepper Spray, I would strongly recommend using the Personal Safety Kit. It is easy to use and comes with a training cartridge filled with water. You can safely practice how to hold, aim, and spray with the training cartridge to familiarize yourself with it before using the pepper spray. With this cartridge you can also get an idea of spray patterns and distance.  It is important to test your product when you buy it, and every 90 days there after. This ensures that it is still working correctly. It's also very important to read all the instructions for proper use.

My daughter recently turned 18 and will be moving away to a big city 30 miles away. Needless to say, I will be very worried about her safety. I was having a hard time deciding which Mace Brand products to send with her. I decided to send with her the Personal Safety Kit and the Pepper Gun. The Pepper Gun is great for personal protection. It sprays a power stream of OC pepper up to 20 feet. The best part about the Pepper Gun is that it has an invisible UV Dye to help police with identifying your attacker. It has a thumb-lock safety and trigger-activated LED light. The Pepper Gun comes with a water practice cartridge so you can practice with it first. 

I feel better knowing that she will have protection when she moves away on her own, since she will be doing a lot of walking around the city. It also put my mind at ease that she was able to practice with using them before I send her off with them. I have also tried to give her as many tips for staying safe that I can think of. Some other safety tips are walk with a buddy, stay in well-lit areas, keep your doors and windows locked and have the local police on speed dial.

Mace Brand has a variety of great products for your protection. These items include home security, canine deterrent, and many other portable pepper sprays. I urge you to visit the Mace Brand website and check out all the products available to keep you safe. Find them on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.

If you are interested in using pepper spray, you should check with your local law enforcement department for specific laws about the possession and use of pepper spray products in your city or county.

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