Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Light in the Night

No more worries, no more fear—bedtime’s best friend is here! Developed by a mother for her own child, A Light in the Night™ is the friend every child needs when bedtime comes and the room grows dark. On the outside, it’s a soft, reassuring creature with fuzzy hands for holding, a body for squeezing, and a gentle face large enough to hide behind. In its tummy is a soft green light that keeps scary things away and allows the child to take an active role in managing and overcoming his or her fear of things that go bump in the night.

Each purchase includes a super-soft plush stuffed animal with a light-up tummy and a fully-illustrated board book.
Available in bubble gum pink, ice blue, and mint green.

PLUS: For every "A Light in the Night" you buy this holiday season, one will be sent to you
and one will be donated in your name to the American Red Cross and given to a child who's fighting a battle.



Order yours today at A Light In The Fight to brighten the holiday of someone you love as well as a child who's battling a fight.

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