Sunday, December 7, 2014

ManSocks by Manbrands.Club

ManBrands.Club is a new and exclusive resource for men’s fashion. ManBrands.Club has introduced their first line of apparel; the ManSock. Socks specifically for men are a great way to demonstrate a man’s creativity, sophistication and charm. You can get 10% off your entire order at: ManSocks by Manbrands.Club using this unique coupon code: kah63  

Dressing for success does not mean spending your hard earned money on audacious logos to demonstrate your prosperity. That is why ManBrands.Club is bringing you the ManSock well below big brand prices. They utilize the same composition and manufacturing techniques as top-end designers but between 40%-60% below their retail price. 


They are focused on core principles of product, price, and people.  ManBrands is a company based in the United States with American designers, thus ensuring innovation and forward thinking.

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