Monday, March 23, 2015

Are You Prepared For An Emergency? Get your Free Home Risk Analysis! #MySafeHome #MomBuzz

Is your family safe if faced with an emergency? I was just talking to my kids about this a few weeks ago. More specifically, we need to think about being ready for different types of emergencies. If confronted with a real emergency, I'm sure we would not be ready.

I know everyone has concerns about the safety of their family. But, are you prepared in the event of a fire, a flood or a home invasion? I mean I have basic supplies around for small emergencies like a first aid kit, candles or flashlights, but I know we could be more prepared.

Recently, I found a site where you can find out just how safe and prepared you really are. At MBIntel you can get a complete analysis of how safe your home is using their FREE Home Risk Analysis tool. The home risk analysis took me about 15 minutes to complete. It asks you a series of questions about security, safety, and emergency preparedness. The test is very thorough and covers areas of security most people don't even think about.
After finishing the analysis, I noticed that I could upgrade and get more information on how to make my home safer.  I got the upgrade for only $29.95 and then I got a complete in-depth, detailed report explaining what I can do to secure my home. 

After receiving my report, I could see the areas that my family needs to work on to improve our safety.  You can see what my scores were in the photo above. It was no surprise to me that our weakest area is emergency preparedness, I expected that. I was a little surprised that I wasn't as prepared as I thought in other areas. 

How safe is your home? Get your free Home Risk Analysis, no credit card required! I'm so glad I did! I know now what steps I need to take to make our home safe and secure. Be sure to check out MBIntel and find what you can do to ensure the safety of your family! 

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