Sunday, May 31, 2015

Do you love cigars? Toscano and Toscanello Cigars #ItalianSmokes

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Do you love cigars? Then you should check out Toscano and Toscanello Cigars!

Toscano cigars are a true icon among Made in Italy products, and a recognized symbol of Italian heritage and tradition. Toscano Cigars offer a moment of relaxation and harmony, and the perfect union between history, creativity, and Italian passion for excellence, passed down from generation to generation, for 200 years.

Expertly and insightfully made in Italy, Toscano is a tough cigar for tough people. This cigar has roots that trace all the way back to 1818 when it was first introduced in Lucca, in the Tuscany region of Italy. Toscano is one of the oldest cigar brands in the world and smoking it is a way of life in Italy.

The making process which transforms Kentucky tobacco bales into Toscano cigars is also unique, and perfected over two centuries. Toscano Cigars are crafted either by hand or machine using fermented, flame-cured, aged tobacco. Afterwards, cigars age for an additional 4 to 12 months (or much longer, even several years or decades, for special editions) allowing the taste to mature and become truly unmistakable. And, some of Toscano cigars products like theToscano Originale and Toscano Anno Domini 1492 are hand-made by a team of expert Italian cigar rollers. is the go-to-place for American cigar lovers to enjoy one of the most iconic of Italian heritage: Toscano cigars. They are the official importer and fully licensed online distributor of Toscano and Toscanello cigars, as well as the finest, beautifully handcrafted cutters, cases and other remarkable cigar accessories from Italy

This brand has a great story to tell, with a long and rich history in Italy. ItalianSmokes is the official distributor for Toscano and Toscanello in the US.

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