Friday, August 14, 2015

Custom Tank Top Made With #Fireflycraft Heat Transfer Vinyl

Around my house we are all big Dr. Who fans. So when offered a chance to try a roll of Firefly Heat Transfer Vinyl, I instantly thought definitely something Dr. Who. We already had the perfect item of clothing for this project, a shirt that my daughter created for me to look like it's part of outer space. She was pretty excited about it because she loves anything Dr. Who related. She's such a big fan that she has a Tardis tattooed on her forearm.

So any Dr. Who fans out there that know what this is? 
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Here's what you'll need:

Iron - Heat Transfer Vinyl 
A way to cut your vinyl - Silhouette or other brand of cutting machine (or other cutting tool)
And, of course, whatever you've decided to transfer your vinyl on

So now that we've decided what we want to do, we have our supplies and we're ready to rock! First, you start by cutting your design. Always make sure to mirror your image because it will transfer backwards from the way you cut it. Next, you will want to peel off the pieces of the vinyl that are not part of the design that you want to transfer. Then you are ready to lay your transfer on the item you are transferring it to. You obviously want to make sure that the vinyl side is down.

Turn on your iron and put in on the cotton setting. Place a piece of fabric on top and now you're ready to begin ironing.  It's recommended to iron for about 60 seconds, but, since all irons vary you may have to adjust the time spent ironing accordingly. Then allow it to cool completely. The first time when I ironed for 60 seconds (and yes, I timed it, lol) the areas around the top where it's cut into thin lines didn't stick all the way. You can see right away if it's not stuck down. If this happens, stop peeling off upper layer and iron it again. The second time I ironed it longer and then it was on there good. After you allow it to cool gently peel off the upper layer and viola, you are done! We had so much fun doing this together and plan to do more projects with Firefly’s Heat Transfer Vinyl very soon.

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