Sunday, November 29, 2015

WubbleX Anti-Gravity Ball

Disclosure: The is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.

What is WubbleX? That was my first reaction too! WubbleX is an anti-gravity ball! It has the ability to bounce, float, spin and fly. It's used with helium instead of air, so when inflated it causes the ball to float in the air. Only one helium can is required to achieve neutral buoyancy for 5-30 minutes. Because of the unique construction of the WubbleX ball with helium it is able to achieve neutral buoyancy, meaning it floats in midair rather than floating away or falling.


WubbleX is for for indoor use only and is recommended for ages 6 and up. Helium can sold separately and is intended for adult use only. To inflate, you apply a small amount of petroleum jelly (included) to the fill tube. Then pinch the ball until you feel the valve and insert the tube. Fill the ball until the canister of helium is empty or until the ball starts to float. Remove the fill tube from the ball and cover the opening with a sealing tab. Now you're ready to go!

We decided to try our WubbleX on a rainy day to have some fun with our time indoors. At first the ball floats to the ceiling, then after a while it will just float in midair. My kids are older, so they were able to play with it right away, while it would still float away. They had fun just letting it go and jumping up to get it. Then after about twenty minutes the helium wore off and then the ball is super bouncy. They were having so much fun, just batting it back and forth to each other. Then, they started playing a game with it. If you let the ball hit the floor you were out. I even got in on the fun for a while. They played that game for a good hour and had a great time. And the best part is the WubbleX ball may be refilled over and over again by simply purchasing more WubbleX helium!

WubbleX would make a great gift this holiday season! You can purchase a WubbleX from the official website, as well as Target and Toys R Us or Amazon

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